Learn from and work with an expert.

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What is Tutorbook?

Tutorbook is a free, online platform that connects students with expert mentors and volunteer tutors.

We're connecting 9-12 students with expert mentors to collaborate on projects they're both passionate about (e.g. writing a research paper or releasing a music album together).

We're also connecting K-12 students with free, volunteer tutors to make sure that no one loses out on education amidst COVID-19.

Step #1

Volunteer registers

The volunteer tutor or mentor signs up and creates their profile.
Step #2

Organization vets volunteers

Nonprofits and schools vet each volunteer before adding them to search results.
Step #3

Student requests a volunteer

The student searches, signs up and requests a tutor or mentor.
Step #4

Virtual lessons setup via email relay

The student and volunteer communicate via email relay to setup virtual lessons. No direct contact info is ever shared.

Learn from and work with an expert.

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